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Masonry Restoration by Ray Rock Masonry Inc.

Like all things, structures built with masonry don’t last forever. Even though masonry construction is known for building things that can stand tall for centuries, the truth is that to extend the service life of anything built through masonry will require restoration at some point. And when your building does need some tender loving care from certified masonry restoration experts, give Ray Rock Masonry Inc. a call today.

Ray Rock Masonry Inc. has been offering top notch masonry restoration services to commercial and residential buildings in the area for many years. We have built our business on providing the most efficient and detail oriented masonry services in the area. Honesty is always our priority because we believe being upfront is what has built our reputation as a company that cares about our clients and take pride in the work we do.

To speak to one of our masonry restoration specialists directly, don’t hesitate to call Ray Rock Masonry Inc. today.

Signs Your Building Needs Masonry Restoration

Buildings can go between 50 and 100 years before they require professional masonry restoration services, which can make it difficult to know when a restoration should be performed. Of course, there are plenty of external factors that can accelerate the deterioration of stone, brick and mortar. Here are some things to look for to know whether or not your building can benefit from Ray Rock Masonry Inc.’s masonry restoration services.

Portions of Brick are Covered With White Powdery Substance

This is known as efflorescence and it is usually caused by excess moisture building up in the brick wall over a long period of time. The moisture inside the brick carries soluble salt or dissolves salt from the surrounding mortar. As the salty moisture moves to the outer surface and evaporates, the salt is left behind in this white, powdery deposit. It’s an indication that the wall is not drying properly.

Diagonal Cracking in the Bricks

Cracking can be caused by a number of different things. The most common culprit is a deteriorated shelf angel. If a shelf angle is failing, it is applying a ton of pressure to the veneer wall. Over time, this creates a very dangerous situation as the bricks are holding more weight than they can handle.

Cracked or Missing Mortar

Even the smallest cracks in masonry joints needs to be fixed right away, as any sized crack can let water seep in. This is only made worse if there are pieces of mortar missing altogether. Repairing and replacing mortar can be difficult as the new mixture needs to match the original. This is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Ray Rock Masonry Inc.’s team of trained professionals to conduct your masonry restoration.

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If you suspect that your building can benefit from masonry restoration, give Ray Rock Masonry Inc. a call today so that we can schedule an inspection. We can restore all sorts of buildings, including historical sites. Your building, whether its historic, residential or commercial, deserves the very best, which is why you should give us a call right away.