Concrete Countertops in Naperville

For the last several years, residential and commercial interior designers have pushed granite countertops onto the people of Naperville because they are synonymous with “top of the line.” Granite countertops certainly cost like they are top of the line, but they also have their fair share of pitfalls. Even though concrete isn’t typically associated with luxury, when you choose to outfit your Naperville home or business with concrete countertops, you’ll be glad you did.

When people think of concrete, they typically think of a concrete slab on the sidewalk. This won’t be what you get when you choose concrete countertops for your home or business’s kitchen. Imagine all the durability and aesthetic quality of solid granite counters except you have virtually unlimited customization options. With granite countertops, you are stuck with whatever the general contractor is able to procure.

You can do anything with concrete, especially when you get Ray Rock Masonry Inc.’s concrete experts to give you a hand. We have been installing concrete countertops in all sorts of homes and businesses across the Naperville area. Whatever you have in mind, just give Ray Rock Masonry Inc. a call and we will be glad to work with you bring your unique for your countertops to life.

Completely Customizable Countertops

One of the reasons concrete countertops are starting to overtake granite in terms of popularity is because they offer home and business owners more design flexibility. Ray Rock Masonry Inc.’s concrete experts have done all sorts of different innovative designs and we are thrilled to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Some things we have done in the past include:

  • Mixing blue pigment and glass into the concrete to create a luminescent, sea-like look.
  • Using neutral pigments and river stones to give a kitchen a sleek, dry riverbed feel.
  • Creating irregular pigment mixes to mimic granite, marble or some other type of stone.

On top of creating countertops with custom color and texture schemes, Ray Rock Masonry Inc. can also incorporate cool features into your countertops. Since concrete is poured into the countertop’s mold as a fluid, it can take on any shape at all. So, rather than your basic flat surface, your concrete countertops can have all sorts of curves or built-in features like: a drain board, sink, trivets, knife slots or a water feature to run along the kitchen’s backsplash.

Putting the Weight Rumors to Rest

Concrete countertops are often accused of being too heavy for your kitchen’s cabinets to withstand. This is simply NOT true. If your cabinets can support a finished slab of granite, they can support concrete countertops as they are practically the same weight.

The only difference is that your concrete countertops will be exactly the way you want and the granite options may be a big compromise with an even bigger price tag.

If you are still not convinced, give Ray Rock Masonry Inc. a call today to speak to one of our concrete professionals today.

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